My littlest sister has started a myspace! Ok, so i tried to convince her to start a blog right here on blogger but all her friends are on myspace and she wanted be able to comunicate with them - whatever - we wont hold it against her! you can check her out in my links for friends or here : Bean. Her name is actually Hannah! but i have called her Bean for, well, years! This girl has more nicknames than anyone else I know!! She's awesome!

Now we're just trying to convince Jes (our other sister) to start a blog or space!


  1. Hey Lach!
    Thanks for all the messages, very exciting! Guess what - since I made a space Jes got moving and now she has one!! Hahaha. I don't know her site yet cause she only just started (at work like you!) naughty girls! Ok I admit that I realised I can go on it as well :). Anyway I have work in an hour so better keep on moving. Love ya heaps
    Ps. you are awesome to!

  2. yeah! go team!

    see you in 30 sleeps!!



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