Beautiful gifts. Clever parents.

Joel & I are blessed to have some seriously generous and wonderfully talented parents. All of them are but these two photo's show case the work of my mother and Joel's father. My mum made this amazing quilt in about 2 months - without a pattern (I had a one of my famous concepts! - I saw this pillow I loved and asked her to make the quilt just like it!). She wanted to make one for us as a wedding gift but wanted to it be of my choosing since we have such different taste in things like this. It's perfect - and Joel doesn't think it is too girly or anything!

And then Joel's father made the bed and bedside tables! He made the bed for Joel before we met then made the bedside tables to match as a wedding gift. He has also made us a tv cabinet in the same style. Love it!

Aren't we just so blessed! Thank you lovely mummy and dad-in-law!

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  1. Hey Rach,
    we are all looking at your blog - all of us being Chaman, Jes and the Bean and fonzo. Check out the background on Chaman's space...hehehehehe! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. We decorated the lounge with the christmas acutriments ( yes well you understand what we are saying!). A everything, mismatched theme as usual - the Richter style.
    Looking forward to seeing you soon,
    Love the siblings xoxo


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