Every year my secret birthday wish is to be pampered and spoiled and surprised. This year my wish has definitely come true. And it's only 3'oclock!

The biggest surprise was definitely my mum calling me last Wednesday afternoon to say she had received the invitation to my birthday party and could she come... she lives in Brisbane! That's a two and a half hour plane trip. And my party was on Sunday! She flew down on friday morning at left tuesday. it was awesome to have her here. Sometimes i forget how great my mum is. I think she gets better with age! Maybe I am getting more appreciative with age?!! Love you mum! thanks for coming! And Daddy - thanks for loving your girls and buying mum the tickets!

Party- spoiled! I mean I cooked and decorated with help from mum and Joel but I enjoy that. Spoiled because of all the wonderful friends I have who shared an afternoon and ice-cream cake with me, who wished me well, gave me presents and loved me up!

And today i've been at work all day. The kids have sung me happy birthday and given me chocolates and the staff have put on a lavish morning tea for me. One of them gave a beautiful speech too. Blessed!! I also shared the day, quite graciously, with another teacher and a student.

Spoiled more by Dearest Erin who bought me flowers and chocolate and hung out with my for an hour at school catching up - our favourite thing to do! Wonderful!

Soon, after my meeting, I am going home to my lovely husband (who, for those interested, gave me the most beautiful silver bracelet) who is cooking me a roast for dinner!

Now I am spoiled, pampered, blessed and 25!

Happy Birthday to me!


  1. Happy birthday Rach!! Sounds like you had a great day! Hope you enjoy your roast you lucky thing!

  2. Happy Birthday Rach, sounds like you did all the things that make for a very special day!! I spoke to your Mum today (yes, I couldn't wait to phone her!) she had a fabulous time with you - so special. God bless you in the year ahead as you serve him and his people, much love, Lyn xo

  3. thanks girls! Good to hear from you Kristin! I had a wonderful day! Great roast!


  4. Happy Birthday to you! And many more!


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