Holiday Headaches

I'm all for holidays. Sort of. I discover every holidays just how much I love the routine of my life. But holidays are good and good for me. It's now thursday (had to think about that!) and is officially the first day with out a migrane like headache since about two weeks ago. Stress'll do that to me. And sleep and forced relaxing are the only things that fix it.

So here I am:


Switched off


And having a holiday. How nice for me.

My aims are:

Finishing my book - Chainfire by Terry Goodkind, the 9th in an epic series

Read Eragon (by Christopher Paolini) before watch the movie - although since Joel wants to watch it on boxing day and i haven't started the book and he's reading it - I doubt it!

Scrapbooking with my sisters

Get my drivers license - oh wait! I did that! Yeah! Go me! Finally did it!

Play guitar with my dad

Look at stuff with my mum - photo's from their Tasmania trip, dress patterns, handmade paper, cards, stamping stuff....

Cook something

Hang out with Joel

Play some board games (see side bar!)


And so far I'm doing pretty well with most of these things!

I'll keep you posted!

And big congratulations to Tamara and Damien who had their little girl on tuesday the 19th 0f decemeber at 7:05am:
Zaylia Bethany
Welcome to the world little one. I can't wait to meet you!

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  1. Lachhhhhhhhh,

    I am waiting for another post!

    I hope you had a great time camping and that it wasn't too overwhelming for you with the clan!

    We had a great holiday (see blog) and it's been a pretty full-on week back at work. So looking forward to the week end!

    Love you lots



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