Italian Party

Joel and I decided that his class needed to have a break up party to celebrate the end of three years study (never mind that they still have two to go!). And not wanting to have a pizza and beer party (Joel's initial suggestion) we finally settled on an Italian theme. Brilliant! Pasta, candles, red wine, garlic bread, red and white table clothes, outside, fairy lights (thanks adam! xo), salad, brilliant! Thanks everyone for the great food, wonderful company and a good year! We had a blast and here are a few pictures to show for it - blurry I know - haven't mastered the whole nighttime photography on our little digital... enjoy! (and more underneather)


  1. Looks Speccy! I'm glad you enjoyed your party. It was a great idea to have Italian - easy, yet classy! I like the photo with the sun shining down. With night photography - what setting did you use? I sometimes have the same problem but find that it depends on what effect you want as to what setting is best.


  2. mm that does look lovely. shame i had to miss such a nice evening!


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