perpetual motion

well, i'm on the move again. I've been given my marching orders and I've packed up and shipped out (almost). This is officially my last blog from here - goodbye fair desk, beloved office, fellow work mates and lovely purple pinboard. You have been good to me these two years but now the powers that be have moved me on and up(stairs) and back to where i started!! In 2004 I was in room 201a. In 2005 and 2006 I have been 119 (nice view, purple pinboards and ample space) and now, because wonders will never cease, i'm back in 201a for 2007 - well, until the gym is built and the staff in in 119 ship out then i can move in back in. Like I said to Chaman: I do what i'm told, mostly. And this is one of those times that it's just so much easier to do what i'm told.

So, farewell 119. I'll come and visit but for now I must be gone. I'll reserve my pins for your purple pinboards only and yellow tack to the walls of 201a instead (no pinboards! what!).

It's been fun.

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  1. Good gracious me - you scared me! I thought the school gave you the flick! (or "frick" in Japanese)What a drama queen you are! It's a shame about your lovely room but soon you will be here in beautiful QLD and you won't have o think of desks or studies for 10 whole days!!! How lovely! It's my last day today for 3 weeks - I am stoked and feel the urge to use as many exclamation marks as possible!!!

    Kisses... Je Je


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