the monster in my muscles

don't know what i've done. but bugger it hurts. i think i pulled a muscle or something stupid - right into my legs, up the back of my neck and into my arms. couldn't sleep last night - d.u.m.b. say a pray for me please.

the good note - had my first class of my new subject today. aside from insufferable pain throughout the topics were great and i'm really looking forward to spending 12 weeks delving into spirituality.... mmm... will let you know how it goes!

the other good note - joel let me set up our new internet connection instead of doing the dishes because i'm hurting and he loves me. nice!

still hurting.

yep, still in pain.


  1. Poor Lach! How are you feeling today? Better? I have a complaint of my own: You know how I sometimes get that pain in my chest? Well, I haven't had it for ages and I thought it was all clear but last night IT RETURNED and this morning I'm very sleepy and still have a niggling feeling that is oh so unpleasant. I hope it goes away - it's quite frightening. i went to the doctor a few times for it cause I was worried about my heart. Maria said it was "Chostro-chondrisis" where the breastbone and ribcage cartlidge rub together or something. Ewwwwwww.
    Anyways - Please look at my blog and see if you are Supergirl or not!!! (It takes 2 minutes) Han and I both are so we thought it might be genetic!

    Love ya. Have a great day

  2. Hi Rach, hope you're feeling much better by now, I did pray for you, going by what Jes has written I need to pray for her also!! I know those muscle things are horrible, I've had trouble with both my shoulders, but thankfully not for a long time, love & blessings to you & Joel, Lyn xo


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