Yea Ha!

Today a man came and chopped out a part of my school desk.

He took it apart and removed the shelf directly above where my computer is.

I think that man deserves an award or some chocolate or something nice because my neck hardly hurts at all today, my shoulders only feel a little achy and I generally feel more relaxed. All because for the first time since January I can see my computer without holding my upper body at a ridiculous angle.

yea ha for my new and improved desk.

But the thing I love the most?

I asked for it to be done at about 8:20 this morning and by the time I'd returned from chapel at 9:20 everything was out of the shelves, the shelf removed and being put back together in its new configuration! And the new configuration was different to my suggestion - so much better! By 10am everything was completely done. Wow. Ask and you shall receive. How efficient. How wonderfully reminiscent of the way Jesus responds to me. Not always within an hour like that but always, always he responds immediately with love and always his is the perfect answer to my prayers. (sometimes my suggestions really stink!)

yea ha for Jesus answer to us always being perfect!


  1. couldn't agree more Rach, had some great answers to prayers myself this past week, Jesus is so gracious xo

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  3. Just calllllled to say I LOVE YOU and I love your new blog header although I really liked the other one too. Hope you are well and happy. I am a grown up not that I have my licence hahaha! Yay me!


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