June turned out to be big

I have had a busy month. To see why check out this map and see where I've been. Click on the blue map pins to read about each place.


I'm ready for a nap now....


  1. Love the map rach! that's a classic. You have too much time on your hands! only joking :). Hope you are doing well. Miss u. Dad is playing his electric guitar next to me. Quite funny. He's so good.
    Anyway, take care. So hi to tansformers number 1 star (Joel).
    Love hannah

  2. Hey lach. How's back home? I'm guessing you are at Clare this weekend for Joel. Anyway I hope you are well and when you get the time, please send me the photoshop thing I did. I need to get my act together and do it before the uni workload gets to much! Take care. Love you. hannah


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