A moment of peace

At the moment there are very few things I can do that help me empty my mind of all the stress, panic, exhaustion and... yuckiness that fills it most of the time. Today I spent a wonderful 2 hours so completely absorbed in my art that for a short while everything was ok. There was nothing but me, my canvas, my paints, my brushes and the sun. And for this moment I had peace. And for this moment to come again I'll keep going. Because it's these moments for which I am created - to be wholly at peace with my Creator.

I wanted to keep it but I painted it for my friend who celebrated her birthday today. And perhaps there is more joy in that.

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  1. praise God for his abundant grace in sending Jesus who is our peace, may he bless you with many more moments of peace so that you will be filled with that peace which passes all understanding. My prayers are with you Rach, prayers for you to receive strength and for your healing in body and spirit, much love, Lyn xo


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