Oh yeah!

All of the below items have been found.

~ the earrings and hairclip - at the bottom of my bobby pin jar.
~ my favourite lipbalm - in an obscure pocket of a backpack I hardly ever use and
~ the best Parker pacer pen in the world - under the seat cushion of the couch in our kitchen.

I can begin my holidays in peace now.


  1. Happy Holidays Rach! Glad to know you are a scatterbrain too! x love Anna (didn't you lose that pencil last Friday, a week ago?!)

  2. yep! i've been devastated all week!
    Thanks! see you for Yoga and chats when we get back.

  3. YAY for holidays. Where are you going Rach?

    I'm planning where i'm going to go for my week off which will start on Oct 31.

    XO adi


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