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Joel is a Vicar. Vicar Joel. VJ. He's cute in his alb (can I say that?!). He's growing more and more confident in leading worship and preaching. And we are spending more and more time at church! It's ok. I'm enjoying the people there so I don't mind at all. However - after many late nights and big sleep in over the holidays my body did protest at a 6:30am wake up this morning.

We managed to get to church on time (8am for an 8:30am start). Now, here's the thing. Joel was leading both services this morning - 8:30am & 10:30am. There's about an hour between the services, which are held in the same building, so there's plenty of time to catch up with everyone. The two service are essentially the same - one more of the older songs and one more of the newer one (but there is a fair but of cross over which is nice).

Anyway. Today I decided that rather than sit through two services the same I would go to the midway catch up and the second service. In the meantime I would sit in the car (parked in the sun, around the corner - thanks to my thoughtful man) and read Jonah (which I'll be studying in class tomorrow).

I feel asleep. Seriously. Completely and totally asleep. For 40 minutes! Only smudged my mascara a bit. And was awake just in time for coffee, the best ever scones and chats with the lovely parishoners! I was kidnapped by to gorgeous older ladies who wanted me to sit between them. They made sure I was introduced to all their friends afterwards. So welcoming!

And to top off a lovely morning at church we went around to Thelma's for something "quick and simple" for lunch consisting of a gorgeous stew and pasta and sago & cream with peaches and ice cream for dessert. Yum!

We made it home by 2:30pm at which point Joel went to sleep and I went to visit the lovely lady in the picture. My Nana! I do so love to surprise her. Especially since it was her birthday.

Joel is back at church again tonight for another service. I'm sitting it out. He's a hero!

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  1. A very sweet blog. Sad we can only catch up in cyber space at the moment! Have enjoyed your blogs though! Hope you are feeling better, love Anna xx


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