The Movie Pie

Apple & Cranberry Pie.

I was told it looked so good it could be be in a movie. I was told it tasted so good it had better not be a one of a kind. Those two comments make itblog worthy - Presenting... (drum roll please!)


  1. Great looking pie Rach. I would love to star in a movie across the table from a pie that looks that good. I could only be good for my image. Sorry to hear that you are sick and feeling yucky. Remember the last time you were sick, and we had a/several hot chocolates at Scuzzi. Mmm hot chocolate. If you want a lift take a look at my facebeek wall, two people have put photos of me there. One is from the German girl i traveled in the NT, Iris. Her photo is from 02. The other if from the Conformands retreat.

    Get better soon

    XO adi

  2. Hi Rach, that sure is one good looking pie!! Spoke to your Mum today, hope you're getting some relief from all that yuckiness, my thoughts & prayers are with you, love Lyn xo

  3. Yum, yum. Any chance of posting the recipe? Or, is it a secret one?


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