where are they now?

After a slight misadventure in connecting Ellie and I had a lovely time catching up! We shared stories of what we've been up to in the time since we last saw each other, things that happened while were were both in Walla Walla, stories of before and dreams of things to come. It was so wonderful to see the young lady she is now compared to the one she was at the end of year 12 four years ago.

This has been one of many 'catch ups' that i've had over the past few weeks - some completely random, most thanks to facebook - that blessing/curse/addiction/timewaster/friend-finder entity that takes over anyone who enters it to some degree or another - I love it! Mostly because i love to see where people have gotten to so far in their lives - what directions they have taken since last I saw them. I have discovered friends from my first primary school who live in London, friends from my second primary school who live in Bunderburg and Victoria and are maried and who have had babies, friends who have travelled extensively, friends who have been studying ever since they left school, more marriages, new pregnancies and so many wonderufl things in between all of that.

And a boy who had a crush on me in year 5!

Where will we be in the next ten years?

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