My new 'do'...

Last night we had the year 12 graduation service at the school I work at. Nothing particularly thrilling except for the fact that I didn't have to stay seated for the whole 2 hours like most people and I was able to try out a new way of wearing my new hair cut. Verdict? So versatile and great!

Last Saturday afternoon was my own graduation. You can now add 'DipTh(Counselling)' to my name. Again, nothing particularly thrilling. But I did feel a great sense of satisfaction and pride at my accomplishment. And I felt sweat dripping down my back. And I felt moved by the presentation of the Servant of Christ award. I also tried a completely different way of doing my new hair... there you go! You all thought I'd chopped it all off!

And yes, I am wearing the same top in both pictures. It's pretty ok. It makes me feel pretty and lovely and dressy and cool (in the temperature sense) and it comes from my new favourite shop - giordano.

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  1. Congratulations Rach on successfully completing you degree. What is next now that you have so much spare time?

    The new hair do looks great. But i would love to see it for real to get the full effect.

    Just think, four years ago we were packing our bags to move to Adelaide and now.... you have a degree and in 12 months time we will be ordained and sent out as pastors. Where is the hand brake??? Just as well God is in the drivers seat.

    Enjoy your summer break

    Love you rach,



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