I made it home. I am in one piece and only slightly bruised. And after two days I am calm again!

In words, not sentences, year 8 camp was:

Very very hot
I got a bullseye in archery

The camp site is lovely but the temperatures were in the mid to high 30's. The activities are fun (a giant swing, rockclimbing, canoeing, basketball, volleyball, iceblocking, initiative games, team games, archery and raft making) but the kids just weren't interested - perhaps due to the heat, but partly due to some bad attitudes in my group. The beds weren't too bad but someone in my room snored like nothing I'd ever heard before. The food was great and the staff were super fun.

In summary - if the weather had been cooler and my kids more enthusiastic and obediant (I'm not even going there right now!) I think I would be raving about the camp. As it stands the whole experience rates an 'ok'.

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  1. Well done Rach, you made it!! A belated very Happy Birthday, hope you had a great day. We were so near yet so far, we were at Kristin & Terry's wedding, also so hot!! Love, Lyn xo


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