How do I do it?!

Who knew getting dressed for church could be such a dangerous adventure?!

Somehow, while going through the previously safe procedure of putting my shirt on, I pinched a nerve in my upper back. Or my lower neck. Or somewhere in there that is making the rest of the area glow red in pain and stiffness. I feel like I've had a pole with barbs on it inserted down the right side of my back - I can hardly move and when I do - Ye-ow!!!

If I'm still I feel pretty much ok - apart from annoyed, a bit sheepish and completely amused at myself and my accident prone ways. Joel has very kindly set me up on our bed with my computer, my quilt, lots of pillows and a bowl of chocolate. He also rubbed some Deep Heat into my back so I stink like a hopsital. The sun is shining nicely across my keyboard and if I very carefully turn my head I can see out the doors, through the trees and onto the square. Very beautiful - some consolation for not being able to move easily today.

Oh dear. And I thought I'd made it a whole week with no pain! Oh well. wait til this one's over and start the count again.

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