A List

To help me keep percpective on my life, my spending and my stuff I have a list. It's just in my head - so I don't lose it and it does change a lot. It's the list of things I'd like to have or do that are going to cost me dollars.

Of course I have other lists - things to do before I die (see the Dave Matthews Band live - done, spend a holiday sailing through tropical islands in a yacht - not done); things to never do (marry a pastor - well, I did that, mow a lawn - still never done that); and boring lists like which part of my house needs a good cleanout (the cupboard in the spare room - help!) and what boring expenses do we need to cover (getting my teeth pulled - pain in the mouth and pain in the bank).

The current list that is occupying my mind though is the firt one - things I want because they're nice. It looks like this:

  1. A new hair cut in this style (it's already very very similar - just needs a tidy and a bit more colour). It's awesome because she can also do this with it. All from a movie love!
  2. A DSLR - something very much like this one. Adrian has one. I've been playing with it. And it's reawkenedin me my a love for taking beautiful images. He showed me the website - and how much they are. Compared to Australian prices they're so cheap! Even with the exchange rate and shipping fees I can get the same thing for a lot less. Oh please Lord make it possible for me to have one!
  3. A new winter jacket.
That is all! The other things we're spending our money on have already been decided on and financed for - so they can come off the list.

I pray God gives me the wisdom to make sound judgements with all our money. That he gives me the grace to accept our limits and that he gives me the freedom to joyfully use the gifts has given us.

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