Family time

So, I said I was heading to Brisbane and here I am. Belinda picked me up on Tuesday evening and I met the lovely Thea for the first time. I also jammed my finger in her pram while putting my suitcase in the back of the car - lots of blood! She's so compltely adorable and tiny. Photo's later when I've spent more than a few hours with her.

Dad picked me up Wednesday morning - his birthday! We stopped at a nursey in the way home to pick up some potted plants for mum. And then we went home - to their new house! Was very strange coming to a house that i've never seen before and seeing all my family's stuff in it. After 5 days here i'm used to it now.

I've been sharing a (very huge) room with my littlest sister, sewing with mum and making cards with both of them. Jes came over on Wednesday night to go out to dinner for dad's birthday but I haven't really seen anyone else or done anything else. Nice!

Tomorrow we're going to see Picasso's private collection of atworks and then i'll spend next week with Belinda and Thea. Right now, I'm in charge of dinner.....


  1. I have sent you an email i reply, hope you are having a lovely time xx

  2. Hey Rach, sounds like you had a wonderful time in Brisbane with your family and friends, especially the new one.

    adi OX


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