Holiday!  Celebrate!

Usually I wait until the tuesday of the first week to celebrate my school holiday status but not this time!  It's friday evening and I've only just come in from reading magazines and chatting on my quilt outside.  The sun was warm, the grass is green and I don't have to go to school for 18 days.  

I'm celebrating with mashed potato and ketchup.  Exciting huh?!  But my teeth are still too sore to eat the steak I want to - so - mash it is.

I have a few plans for this, my last school holidays that I have to return to school at the end of, but I'm only going to tell you as they happen - or after the fact.  Because it's my break and if I don't want to do what I plan then I don't have to!  And I'm not too good with follow through on ideas either...!

Deep breath in.... and out.   Here we go!

P.S.  Don't forget to vote on the change of colour for my blog.  It might even be one of the things I finish this break!  Oh.  And if you vote - please leave a comment somewhere here so I know you've been - Matthias - that means you!


  1. Hi Rach, happy holidays!!
    I have put in my vote,
    love, Lyn xo

  2. Hi Rach,
    I have voted for the green and yellow option because i know what a mad crazy sports fan you are and how much you love to see the aussie olympic team in their uniform!

    Blessings for your break


  3. DEra Lach. Have a great break. 18 days sounds almost heavenly.
    When mum finishes her treatments we may have some time out.
    Mum is doing really well except getting up at 6:00am is quite unnatural for her, so she has a nanna nap to get through the day.
    Jeff and Sue are staying until tomorrow. THey have gone to Sea World today. Yesterday went to Mt. Tamborine. They will end up in Vict by next w/e.....on their motor bike.
    I'm having a colonoscopy next Thurs, so have to fast and drink some fowl tasting purging liquid..that's life for the more mature generation.
    Han has a break from uni next week.
    You will be glad to get off the baby food. Lots of love . DaD.

  4. Here is an official comment for Rachel from Matthias.

  5. Sounds like a great way to celebrate the beginning of the summer! Congrats!


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