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It's what Joel calls me.  Not actually because it's any derivative of my name or because of the flower either.  He actually calls me Poppy because he has shortened it from Poppet - which we're all glad about!  And why did he call me Poppet?  Because when we were dating we watched the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie more times than I can remember and Poppet is what the pirates called Kiera Knightly's character.  I can live being compared to her.  

Convoluted? Yes.  Unconnected to anything else?  Of course.  

Aren't most pet names a little quirky and generally only appreciated by the people that use them?

Since Poppy is a flower and I know he loves me - I'm ok with that.

What obscure things do you get called by your loved ones?  Where on earth does it come from?!


  1. Hey Rach,
    I get Doc from some of my male friends. I'm not sure why. Ask Fin he, and Jason first used it.

    My closest female friends and family call me Adi, not sure why.

    Most of the time people call me Adrian, because that is what my parents called me. It means from Adria in Northern Italy, or a dark man, or a rich man.

    I like my names, because they are what my loved ones call me when they peak to me.

    Have a great day and enjoy your breakfast.

    adi xo

  2. My hubby calls me loving, sweet, caring terms of endearment, such as "Boogerhead" and the german version "snoddanase"....I think I would prefer being compared to someone like Keira Knightly, but since I know he truly loves me, I don't mind...

    Now if anyone else called me that, they'd have another think coming!

    Other nicknames, well, my brother calls me Elephant (nice, eh?!) and Bec calls me Flynn--so lucky am I!

  3. We have this horrible, sickening habit of calling each other 'honey', as if we're 60 years old. Neither of us like it, we just can't get out of the habit!

    But we also use 'Puppy'. And neither of us likes dogs...haha. It's more of a term of endearment when one of us is acting puppy-like; easily excitable and wanting constant attention...

    And sometimes, as an extension of this, I will call Jordan Poppet...! So there you go, full circle around back to your very own name, from a very different place!

  4. Oh! You all have loving odd nicknames too! How excellent! Isn't it amazing what we let our loved ones get away with calling us.

    I know another couple who call each other Puppy! so funny.


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