Getting there

The packers will be here in the morning.  That's less than 12 hours away.  How did that happen?  Where did the time go?

Joel and I have been sorting things out and tidying things up for the last 5 hours now.  I've taken all the pictures off of my desk walls and found a box for all of my pens to go into.  We've both put aside all the clothes and shoes (boy did I have a hard time limiting myself to only 7 pairs!!) we will need until the end of January and packed small over-night bags to live out of until wednesday next week.  The shade in the backyard has come down and most of our addresses have been changed.

There's still a few things i'd like to do but right now I've had enough.

The whole things seems just like a task we need to do not like we are moving to another state at all.  I'm sure we'll get emotional about it soon - probably at the farewell lunch I have for school on Friday - but right now it's just work we are doing.  Maybe because I'm avoiding all goodbyes by coming up with reason that I don't have to say them - I'll see you in January, I'll see you in February, we'll chat soon...

I guess reality will hit eventually - just hopefully not too hard!

Until then - packing.  


  1. Wait... You're moving? When did this happen!

  2. thanks for always listening when i talk to you!


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