Barely Contained Excitement!

On Wednesday we fly from Adelaide to Perth.  On Thursday we fly from Perth to Bali.  Yep!  Bali!  Getting just a tad excited here.  I've never been overseas.  I've only had my passport for a few months.  I can't believe it's almost here!  There's packing to do - but I'm approaching it more as and 'unpacking'.  See, I've been told you can buy lots of clothes over there so my plan is to take enough clothes for 2 plane rides and 2 days and then spend, spend, spend!  To help their economy after all the tough things they've had going on over there of course...?!! 

I plan on drinking lots of cocktails by the pool, getting massages on the beach and eating new foods.  We're going white water rafting, taking a cooking class, touring the volcano and cycling around the rice paddies.

What am I missing?  Have you been to Bali?  What else should Joel and I include in our plans?

Image from Flickr: Seanmcgrath

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