Some days later...

Christmas Day!

Joel has elected himself as "the Drinks Man" and derives much joy from selecting and creating the drinks for Christmas lunch.  This year was tasty Frangelico mixed with ginger beer and lime - Yummy!

This was, embarrassingly, one of the only shots I got of mum.  She says it is the luck of sitting next to the photographer.  I think it's too bad I didn't get more.  This is at lunch.  We ate outside and still used the pedestal fans to get the air flowing.  Oh  - and Adam - I have better photos of you but think I'll save them for another time!
My sisters and I are dad's biggest fans - after mum of course!  He did a superb job of leading the service and bring a great Christmas message to us all.  But when doesn't he?!
Then he gets home, gets his casuals on (and a santa hat) and tells the funniest stories and jokes you've ever heard!My dear darling baby (nearly 21 year old) sister is NOT shy of the camera.  Nor should she be - she's gorgeous!  And a complete whacko...
I have never seen her as embarrassed as she was by this very funny present from our parents!!  There was a bit of a story:  She had written a list of what she wanted for Christmas and on the bottom had included "a boyfriend - oh wait! I have one of those already".  Welcome to the family Adam - we like you lots!  My parents being the tricksters and jokesters they are couldn't resist buying her a Prince Charming Ken doll... which Adam secretively tried to pull the head off of a few times.  Ha!  That will teach you to write silly things on your wish list Han!
Jes gets very excited about her presents...

And if she loves it - she really loves it!

We had such a wonderful day together being family - laughing, teasing, working together and enjoying each others company.  I hope your Christmas days can be remembered as fondly as I remember mine.

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