A Line of Code

I fixed it!  Thanks for the new comments girls.  I'm relieved to see it worked.

I needed to add a tiny line of code to make it happen.  I am so grateful to the wonderful people who put their knowledge about such things on the net for all of us to use.

We're off to Horsham this afternoon for a few days and then we will be officially moving into our new house. After which you would be within your rights to expect more regular and interesting updates.  

My commitment to you is this:
  • I will post pictures and stories from Bali.
  • I will post pictures from the wedding I had the priveldge of practicing my skills on.
  • I will post updates on what we do to our new house.
  • I will respond to comments
  • and I will check your blog carefully - so don't forget to write regularly!

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