Yesterday Joel and I spent a few hours in the gorgeous town of Beechworth Victoria.  We wandered the gorgeous old main street, visited the famous Beechworth Bakery for lunch and had a tour of the Beechworth Honey store (that scary looking man in white tied to the pole is a mannequin wearing a beekeepers suit - freaked me out) and grilled the founder about bees, honey, pollen and hives - who would've thought it would be so interesting?!

We enjoyed the antique stores and the old buildings and were even brave enough to step into a prison holding cell that had housed the famous Ned Kelly!  The churches were incredible.  I chose not to photograph one of the most amazingly gothic looking ones though because there was a very large funeral taking place and it seemed disrespectful.  The funeral also meant we didn't get to go into many of the stores - more than half were shut so the owners could attend.

It was a perfectly relaxing and beautiful day trip.  We're excited about heading down for repeated visits.  We still need to see the rest of the shops, the waterfalls, the walking tracks, the museum...  Good thing we live so close!

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