I miss this...

These may be the two worst photo's I will ever post but the point is that I miss these people terribly.  

I miss sitting around in my daggiest (and comfiest!) clothes with them, playing the wii and talking silly talk.  I miss sharing a house with them for the weekend or a week and brushing our teeth at the same time.  I miss seeing that cute and crazy little girl zipping around the place chatting about everything and bossing me around.  I miss the uncontrollable giggles and the eyes rolls we get.  I miss knowing what someone's response will be to a joke I haven't made yet or knowing who will be green when we play a game and who will be offering 'helpful advice'.  I miss having someone around who makes a bigger mess in the kitchen than me and someone who understands that your spouse isn't people.  I miss pooling dinner on any night of the week that we haven't finished talking/laughing/playing/making elephant noises and stories or just because we might be able to get chips out of it.

I miss having someone else's house I know as well as my own.  I miss having someone else who knows me as well as I know myself.  I miss these people.  Everyday, I miss them.


  1. it's tough rach, it sucks, but heck the reunions are sweet! thinking of you xx


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