A little bigger

The Puppy Lady promised to send us regular photo's of the puppies to see how they are growing.  When we were there we said how much we loved the all black little boy - the one we were holding in the posts below.  She is the one who decides where the puppies go so I was very excited to just receive this picture of the very same puppy (you can tell because all the others had white chins) a few days older and much more alert.

Why does that make me extra excited?  Because I'm guessing that if she's sending ONLY pictures of the one we loved she has decided WE can be the ones to have him!! Yay!

Still no name but we've got 6 more weeks to agree on that.  Thanks for your suggestions so far - they've been great!  Keep them coming and I promise you'll see as many 'growing puppy' shots as I am sent!

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