People keep saying that there is a drought here.  Maybe there is but I'm not convinced there should be this much rain in a drought... 

All the rain means a few things 
- our grass is nearly shin high.  
- I spent most of Saturday snuggled on the couch with book four of the Twilight series and some dark chocolate.  Started and finished... (don't forget to check the 'Have Read It" button over on the left for my list of books)
- hot chocolates with marshmallows
- movies
- and a little bit of cabin fever ending in the realisation that if we didn't get out of the house one of us might have to call the ambulance in regret...

So we rugged up in gloves and raincoats to fix things before we broke them more.  A walk along our favourite track led us to discover that the creek was flowing, the leaves were shining and areas were flooding enough to make waterfalls!! Gorgeous!  A quick trip back in the car with camera and tripod at hand made the most of the fading light to capture this picture and document a tiny taste of the beauty of where we live.

I'm loving autumn here!


  1. LOL.. I assume you mean drought, not a draught (draught / drahft / n. 1. a current of air in an enclosed place. etc...). Sorry, just had to add that!

    I'm loving this rain... sounds like you might be too... if nothing else than artist appreciation!

  2. Haha! Yes - all fixed now. Guess I should proof read and not just hit publish!

    We are certainly enjoying it!

  3. Haha again! There were 2 places you wrote 'draught'... you've fixed 1, but there is still another! *big grin*

  4. Gosh Man! At least I'm posting something!!!


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