Special Project for Baby Sister

I'm fairly sure this little girl isn't old enough to be turning 21 but they tell me she is...  on wednesday this week actually.  She's having a big party on Saturday night and everyone has been asked to dress up in a costume starting with 'H' because, well, it's Hannah's party and that's what she wanted!  

I made the tough decision to save my trip to QLD for later in the year so will miss out on her party but have been able to help her with it by making a slide show of pictures from her life.   I custom made a her a background - including fitting all those h's together - put together nearly 100 photo's of her and sent her a USB full of options to get it to work on any computer of any age!

It's in the mail Han.  thanks for letting me a part of your special event.  Stick around for a special birthday post on the big day!

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  1. Aw, that's beautiful Rach. Very precious. And I definitely appreciate all the time you've spent on it!!!! And in multiple formats - whattagirl. :) Happy Birthday, Hannah! (I think you're right, by the way, she's not old enough...someone should alert the birthday authorities)...


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