Cranky Rant about Printing

On the list of things that really tick me off is companies who don't print a file exactly as it is given to them and make my work look rubbish.

This picture shows the same file printed by two different companies.  The only difference made to the file between printing was to move some text around.  The colours weren't altered at all.  See how different they are?  The top one is exactly how I wanted.  The bottom one made me stomp my feet and say bad words a little bit.  You can't tell in this picture either but that the bottom one, even though it should've been able to be blown up to twice that size, was grainy and pixelated - trash.  The top one is perfect.

I have learnt my lesson - I will now drive ten more minutes and pay a little bit more and get printing that makes me happy and is a real representation of my mad skillz.  

note the colour...


  1. Pretty Rachel made pretty things!

  2. she did. quite proud. thanks for your help!

  3. Very nice!

    Do you own a colour book, like Pantone colour or something??? I want one but I don't know where to get one cheap....!

  4. Ellie- I would love a colour book! But sadly, no - money goes to other things around here. That's ok. I cope fine without one! check ebay for old ones. I know they sell out of date ones that are still fun to have.

    when I know the recipient of the certificate has definitely received it i'll put up her properly for interested souls like yourself!

    Adam - you already know what it looks like!


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