Day Trip

Yesterday Joel & I took ourselves on a Sight Seeing Tour of our area.  We knew there were incredible things just down the road but were still blown away by the sheer majesty of this stunning Alpine region.  There were little towns, Bright being the place we spent the most time, and giant mountain (for Australia!).  We saw oaks, liquid ambers, maples and more displaying their autumn finery.  We spotted alpaca's, Friesians, deer & kookaburra's.  There were the cutest houses and the loveliest buildings.  There was snow!  And the weather was a perfect 15 degrees celsius all day.  

And all with in an hours drive of our house.  We might just live in Australia's most beautiful area.  I personally think so!

Just a small taste of what we could see;


  1. Magnificent Rach! We had a week in Bright first week in June last year, so beautiful, even still some autumn leaves, lovely mild weather and the plces to see....Beechworth bakery......yummy!! Hope you are both well xo

  2. Thanks Lyn! It is gorgeous isn't it?! We have been to Beechworth a few times since moving here so we thought we'd go further afield this time! We're well. Hope you are too. xo


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