Sparkly, Frosty, Lovely

All pictures taken this morning in our front & backyard.

Top - That's me in my early morning going outside with the dog gear.  The outfit is set off with a bright yellow & blue puffy jacket, beanie and fingerless gloves.  I'm a knockout!
Middle - Details of all the frost on the grass and leaves - so incredibly delicate and beautiful.  And crunchy!
Bottom - As the frost melts in the sun it leaves the loveliest little jewel water droplets on the grass.

As a side note - our cold water pipes were frozen this morning.  It's getting colder....!


  1. great photos rach! and the gumboots are great i was just in target and i reakon i saw some very similier to them!
    i'm heading to woodhouse next week for part of a camp with the year is going to be FREAKIN i got some uggs! :)

  2. These photos are fantastic my love!

    I am so proud of you, you are very clever. hey you should put a portfolio together, maybe apply for a traineeship with a studio?...

  3. They are such beautiful photographs...can I get a discount on your photos please? Since I am your friend?? They are so beautiful rach, I think you are so talented... X

  4. That panel of frost detail is amazing. Actually, everything else you take with your camera is too for that matter... I love it! from Paul H


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