Busy, Busy

Why is June always such a big month? Last year in June my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer. This year my dad has been diagnosed with heart problems (obviously not the officially terminology!). He was at the doctor for bronchitis and his heart stopped. Just for a few beats but enough to need a battery of tests and a meals worth of tablets. Much stress. We think he'll be ok - as long has keeps taking the tablets!

The rest of June has included:
  • a 5 day visit from sister Jes
  • a 3 day visit from brother in law Andrew which overlapped with
  • a crazy eventful evening with Opa, Helga, Wolf & Ushi (Joel's grandfather and his wife and their friends)
  • a week long visit from Tamara and Zaylia (obviously)
  • a new puppy!
  • 2 shadow shifts for my new job
  • and connecting flights to Brisbane.
Now I'm up in Brisbane with my folks sharing a bedroom with my littlest sister for 2 weeks. I'm enjoying sharing a room with her except she has warned me not to drink water too loudly because it wakes her. Never mind the fact that I had to throw one of her many stuffed toys at her last night to get her to stop snoring!!

We've been crafting like crazy as usual. I've had some cute ideas that I wanted to use mum's sewing machine for. My machine needs some serious attention before it works better than the wind up machine it's currently working like. They've all turned out as planned which I'm excited about. No photo's until they have made their way to the recipients though - can't be spoiling the fun! All four of us girls had a card making day yesterday with Jes taking the record at 17 cards to my measly 7... far too much singing along to Phil Collins to concentrate.

We had a pre-birthday dinner for mum last night which was the standard delicious lemon chicken and dark chocolate fondue for dessert. Tasty!

What else.... Oh! Caught up with one of my oldest friends - more about that later though.

Lots of chatting. Some knitting. Some movies. Some shopping. Naughty treats. Late night conversations. Borrowing Han's clothes and trying to coordinate 5 peoples lives! Good family times and I've got one more week.

I just wish Joel were here too.........


  1. I wish I coul be there with you darling but I'm a responsable pastor now. Glad to hear you Are having fun!

  2. Praying for you and your family. Hope the crafting goes well!


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