Happy 21st Andrew!

Last Friday Joel and I drove the 6 and half hours to Horsham and then back again on Saturday just to share a little bit of birthday love with Andrew. We helped set up for the party as much as we could knowing we would have to leave as the other guests were arriving to be back in time to get enough to sleep so that Joel could take two services the following morning. Crazy? Yes! But worth it.

We took Morgan with to meet Daisy (Rosemary, my mother in laws dog - a white/caramel spoodle) and Pennylane (Rachel, my sister in laws 10 week old black and white spoodle). There was much puppy fun and running and chasing and chewing and splashing and snoozing and sniffing and running and jumping and chasing and chewing and and and and....!!! So much puppy-ness! Morgan travelled so well in the car. We set his pop up tent/crate on the back seat, clicked his leash into the belt (they have to be restrained in NSW but not Vic) and let him wander back an forth. He even got to have a few cuddles on my lap in the front seat. I was a bit concerned that he would never get in the car again after two big drives so close together but he happily hopped in and out as I was unpacking on Sunday - a good sign for more puppy trips I think.

I had a special request from Rosemary to take a nice picture of Andrew (since he's usually pulling a funny face!). I asked very nicely after he'd had the first half of his first beer and was a bit more relaxed. I think we came up with some good ones. This one is so you have an idea of what will be on the disc I send you!

What do you think? Will I pass as a photographers assistant??!!


  1. Photographers assistant fo'shizzle!

    It was great to have you three come visit and help so much- wouldn't have been the same without you. Pennylane agrees.

    Hi to Morgan and come back soon!


  2. What a handsome son I have. What a super photographer. Almost as good as the lawnmower photo! Thanks so much for all your help. Couldn't have stayed sane without you. Was great to finally meet Morgan. He's definitely a muppet!
    Loves, Rosemary


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