Little Mr Morgan has really started to relax the past few weeks and instead of being hyper and exhausting is lovely and cuddly. He is behaving very well. And is turning out to be a very good model for me. He does just what i ask him to do and then it's up to me to be fast enough to catch it!

Wonderfully I have just bought a new lens which helps me to be fast enough to take clear pictures of the all black fluff ball (no mean feat! Have you ever tried taking a picture of a speeding black ball of fluff??!!). I am now the proud owner of a Nikkor Af-S 50mm/f1.4. Oh happy day and bliss of my heart that lens isn't coming off my camera for months!! And it might be all you hear about here for a while so if it bores you - skim read!

Until next post... Enjoy the cuteness that is Morgan Puppy Much Loved Fluffy Black Cloud.


  1. HOW DID you EVER get the photo with Morgan peeking over the table is TTOOOOOOO cute!

  2. haha! that's some of his food on the table - he wanted it. I showed him where it was then snapped away!


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