A New Puppy

Well, not quite. But it just about seems like it after just off a whole lot of his fluff! The whole process took nearly 4 hours. He was washed, dried, brushed and cut. The whole beauty treatment package. He even got to eat special treats in an effort to keep him still.

Picture One: Before the bath
Picture Two: getting his blow dry
Picture Three: After the blow dry!! So So fluffy and soft!
Picture Four: After the cut.

Now he looks like such a tiny, skinny little puppy again. He's very cute! We think he loves it because he runs everywhere now. Or maybe that's just out of joy at not being pinned down anymore.

About the most fun family event we had all week!


  1. Rach, you are a seriously talented photorapher! I love your photos. Great composition, and excellent cropping choices :) And you're a great writer. I love reading your posts. You write really well, and honestly and have a fabulous sense of humour!

    What's the new job? I hope it makes use of these skills!

  2. He he. Made me laugh to read of your first experience at grooming Morgan. He is sooo cute. I'm just busting to meet him. Did you really seriously take 4 hours?
    Steve says the photo of Morgan looking onto the table is magic. I agree it's an amazing pic.
    Thanks for the update.
    Loves, Rosemary


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