You're not misreading that.

It really, truly, most definitely is Lemon, Lime and Bitters Sorbet. The holy grail of frozen dessert. What a happy day and a wonderful brother in law I have for leading me to this goodness in Melbourne's Southbank. What a truly genius person it was that thought this up. Thank you Mr Trampoline. Whoever you are. I love you.

Oh, and that's dark chocolate gellato on the other side of my cup!! Sigh. Please come to Albury!

Note: I do realise that this is the second gellato shop I've asked to come to Albury. I just love gellato. I hope maybe someone will hear my cry for froszen desserts... Gellatisimo? Trampoline? Are you reading my blog??

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  1. Hi Rach, I've finally updated to the new look blog. Thank you so much for all of your help! Have you decided on a way to display your portfolio yet?
    Kristin xx


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