Family Circus

One of the most super fun things a person can do, in my opinion, is go to a family run country style circus - in a small country town. There's just nothing like sitting on rickety bleachers with less than 100 other people watching a show than is less than polished but highly entertaining. Oh. And eating fairy floss!

When I saw the red and yellow tent going up and the elephants in the paddock (sadly not in the show anymore) I decided I had to go. Joel isn't around this week but he wouldn't go with me anyway. So I posed the question to some friends and they graciously agreed to come with me. I had a blast! It has such a home made, still practicing quality to it that i couldn't help but love them for making the effort to entertain us. There were some definite skills that left me pretty impressed. The guy balancing on the rolling pipes and the guy on the tight rope being the major two. And the clowns were funny but not too over the top. A good wholesome and fun night. And home by 9:30pm!

It's actually a really nice change to see the human side of a performance and not mind when they drop the juggling ball or miss a trick. It makes reminds me that maybe not everything in the world has to be perfect for us to enjoy it. Next time you see a tent maybe you should stop and spend a few dollars and an hour or two of your time in a simpler place.

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  1. I agree Rach, well said. Enjoy your Adelaide visit catching up with friends etc. We had Fiona & Caitlin stay for 4 much fun xoxo


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