Flowering Hydrangea's

(photo taken with the almighty nikon 50mm/1.4 Af-S)

Our yard is fairly barren at the moment. Joel is working on it. I tend to kill things. Accidentally of course.

However, there is the most stunning hydrangea bush right outside our library door that is blooming gorgeously at the moment. In the past week I have seen the buds turn from green to pink.purple and blue - all the same bush! It is amazing. I didn't know I like hydrangea's so much.


  1. http://heartfullofgrace.blogspot.com/

    I'm back...check me out here...hopefully i'll be more disciplined this time! XX
    Love the piccies...I have some of them flowering too.

  2. I love hydrangeas, I have 2 in pots, but sadly only 1 flower so far this year :(


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