Wedding Week: Part One

+++++Tune out NOW if wedding talk bores you!+++++

Considering that Rachel and Daniel are family and this is only the second wedding I've photographed I think it is only fitting that I dedicate a week of sharing some of their pictures everyday. I'll be sharing little snippets of their day and the week leading up to it through the photos and some stories to go with them. So check in often and share in the gorgeous day that is the start of what we pray with be an incredible marriage.

Picture One: Rach's dress was stunning. I had the privilege of seeing her in it a few days before the wedding and (just quietly) I got a little teary. It was so incredibly unique and beautiful and made just for her. One of her photo requests included using the old tree in their front yard somehow. The tree is quite beautiful now but nothing comp
ared to how it was before dying in the drought. Unfortunately it will have to be knocked down soon before it falls over and hurts someone. So we bandied around a few ideas and came up with using it as a backdrop for some dress shots. A step ladder, 3 men (with clean hands I promise!) and some patience with the wind and I think we achieved some shots that do a gorgeous dress justice.

Picture Two: Sassi, the Beauty Bar where all eyelash tinting (yep, me too!), spray tanning, massaging, mani/pedi's, hair cut and colour, and facials happened before the day and where all makeup, hair and other primping happened on the day - was AWESOME! The girls there were fantastic at their jobs as well as being so calm and relaxed - which really helped with the Big Day nerves and mood. They did a beautiful job of everyone's hair and make up (I LOVE having my makeup done. So girly! And nice to have a moment of being the sister in law as well as the photographer). In fact their whole establishment was lovely. Including this stunning blue wall with little circle mirrors in line...

.....more pictures tomorrow..... Maybe I'll even show someones face!


  1. Love love love the pics and can't wait for each new installment! Good work Rach!

  2. Awesome Rach, look forward to hearing/seeing the next installment xo


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