365: Day 10

Yes, it's that hot!

And today marks the last day of posting a picture everyday on this blog. After some thought and a fair bit of work I have decided to start a new site to keep a record of my daily pictures so that this blog can stay as it was - a place to share thoughts, activities and stories. We'll see how I go keeping them both going!

Also in the works is organising Anna and Lauren, the two girls I am doing this challenge with, to post their daily pictures in the same spot so you all only have to visit one site!Currently it's just my stuff over there as they're both on holidays but we've got a whole year to sort ourselves out.

Ready to check it out? Go and see Our Daily Click. (There's a button in the left bar you can click to take you there too)

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  1. LOL That is the funniest picture of Morgan... it looks so much like you superimposed (is that the right word to use?!) human teeth/mouth in place of Morgan's mouth. Hilarious! xxx


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