Back to School


Tomorrow morning I am heading back to St Pauls College to sign 9 hours a week of my life away to sharing the job of Boarding House Chaplain. Yep! Back at the same school and back in the boarding house - although under a guise that suits me a bit better I think. And I'm pretty excited about it too.

I know I said I was having a break from youth ministry but, well, I guess something (Someone?!) just calls you back to where your gifts are and where you are needed. What better place for a person to be right?

At this stage I think I'll mostly be taking on the girls while Paul looks after the boys. Suits me fine! And some of the overlap stuff... not really sure about the details but then ministry like that usually works around the gifts of the person doing the ministry combined with the needs of those being cared for at the time. It's a little transient - like me.

So there you go. That's my big "I have NEW JOB' news!

As for the studio work.... It's not super busy at the moment so she's coping with out a second pair of hands for now....


  1. sounds great Rach, I'm sure you will be blessed working with those young people! Just updated my blog photos, I'm getting a bit slack, Caitlin is growing sooo fast & Fiona just had her 20 week ultra sound....that time has gone sooo quickly. Love & blessings xoxo

  2. Congrats on being back at SPC once again.
    I pray you get to see the growth from the seeds you planted many many years ago on you first 2 yrs.


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