We have returned!

And I don't think we're going anywhere for a while! (although Joel is away right now...!) Our holiday was wonderfully relaxing and fun. And so many other things have been happening that I need to tell you about too. So keep an eye out for:

1 - A review of camp
2 - Holiday highlights
3 - The suspected reason for a trip to the hospital (no baby, so don't even ask!)
4 - News about my work situation (Spoiler alert - I have a new job!)
5 - And more pictures (I've updated all my Daily Click photo's so you can head over to see those but I have definitely taken more than one a day!)

So hold on a little longer and I'll be back in force!

Pictures: Top - a morning at the beach teaching Zaylia that it's not such a scary place - by the end of our time there she was having fun!
Bottom - the stunning Tamara growing bubby number 2.

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  1. Welcome back Rach! Hope you are ok re: little trip to hospital... just want to say how beautiful these photos are - you certainly are clever xxx


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