Back off my car Punks!

The other morning our lovely neighbour from across the road dropped by to let Joel know that she'd called the police the night before. She had heard a noise and wandered outside to see some 'youths' trying to break into MY car!! They didn't get in or even make much of a scratch. Big relief.

However. On our way home from a walk yesterday we saw another 'youth' walking toward our place (we were coming in from a side street). I wouldn't have thought anything of it except I watched him pull a long, thick, flat piece of metal out of his shorts! The very kind of thing you see people break into cars with on the movies. He walked slowly past my car with his 'tool' tucked along the length of his arm and kept walk. As he crossed the road past our house he turned to look at us go into our gate and glare (in a Christian way?!) pointedly at him.

When he'd fully crossed the road and thought we couldn't see him (because his back was turned?) he slipped his 'tool' back down his oversized shorts and wandered off.

Dodgy, dodgy, dodgy.

We parked my car in the church car park which has a high fence and a lock up gate. Nobody is taking the Cressida!

And I'm a youth worker??

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