Add a basket...

And these are the perfect thing for a trip along the leafy bike paths to the library, a little shopping excursion in town, a mocha at Hudson's or just to get away from this screen. The RPM classes will definitely help me with the hills and the Balance classes... well. I need to do more of them!

I think a little trip to bike store is owed to me after all the motor bike stores I've been to lately so maybe I'll cash in on a trip to one soon and come back with a bike before Joel does.

(Lamberts: I promise to be safe, get one that is the right size for me and wear a helmet. And maybe some other safety gear as well!)


  1. Wow! What a giant step for you! You go girl! xxx

  2. BAHAHA....perhaps a bubble? Glad to hear you're not scarred for life - well, not psychologically anyway....!!!

  3. Hi Rach, hope you're well and enjoying the lovely autumn weather. The bike sounds like a great idea! I just updated my blog with latest photos of little miss Caitlin, only a bit more than 5 weeks until she is a big sister!! love & blessings, Lyn xo

  4. A bubble might be a good idea! I don't think I'd even be considering it if we didn't have awesome bike tracks so I don't have to go on the road much.

    We'll see!

    And Ellie - There is definitely psychological scarring (as well as the phycial scar) as it has taken me 15 years to consider this!


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