A Little Discovery

You may remember way back in September last year that I was pretty excited to be given a job as a photographers assistant. A few of you asked how it was all going and I didn't really reply. That was mostly because I don't like badmouthing people and I wanted to give it a fair go.

I wont go into the reasons I didn't particularly enjoy working there except to say... I have a hard enough time dealing with my own inconsistencies and moods let alone someone else's. The work wasn't thrilling but that's ok. The happy lady boss was..!! Only a few weeks in and I was thinking of the end but I don't shy from hard work and a challenge (usually!) so I was pretty prepared to stick out for as long as it lasted. That turned out to be not so long at all. The job 'ended' in December. Only nothing was really said... Here's how the emails went:

From me on the 21st of December 2010

Hi Happy Lady (I don't think I'll put a real name in here!),

Happy Birthday for Saturday! I hope you had a lovely day relaxing and doing things you enjoy.

Would you like me to work this week? I am happy to come in if you need me too. If not - that's fine too! If you could let me know by tomorrow sometime that would be great.


From Happy Lady on the 21st of December 2010

Hi Rachel,

The studio is now officially closed for Christmas and New Years - Woohoo.

I have a few albums left to finalise but otherwise its all done for the year.
Everything has been collected, and there are no more portraits for the year!
So you're off the hook.
Enjoy your Christmas and New Year

Cheers, Happy Lady

From Me on the 21st of December 2010

Hooray for holidays!!

Hope you have a great Christmas and new years.
Let me know when you want me to start back.


And that's it. That last email was from me and I have NEVER. HEARD. BACK. EVER.

Today on her website, which I check every now and then, she mentioned her new assistant. Ha! How's that for you? Well, I still have keys to her studio and now that it seems she wont ever be calling me back I think I should post them to her. Maybe with a pleasant little note. It might go like this:

Dearest Happy Lady,

***********here's your keys**************

From Rachel

Ok - so I did write a note in there, twice. But decided not to put it out into the internet world if I wouldn't actually send it to the studio for real.

At that is the story of how I stopped working at the photography studio.


  1. I would leave the "dearest" part out...what a really odd situation...hope you don't have to experience that again. Personally I think she was threatened and jealous and she lacked creativity!

  2. ...well that blows, start your own studio, she's an idiot. ;)


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