First things first - Little Baby Sister Hannah and her dear man Adam are ENGAGED!!! WAHOO!!

A story - Han loves her ring so much that the other night, when sharing a room with our other sister Jes, she was busted talking about it in her sleep! "It's pretty, It's so nice. It's so shiny. Yes - in her sleep. Funny girl!

Congratulations dear ones. We are thrilled for you both and love you muchly.

Oh - and I get to be the chief bridesmaid/wedding planner so you might get to see some of our ideas on here... WEDDINGS!! Love them.


  1. Yey!!! Thank you so much my lovely sister!! It is such a blessing to be your sister!

    I love you so much! Glad to know you got home safe to. We miss you already! xoxo

  2. Welcome back & congratulations Hannah! How exciting!! Can't wait to read all about it! :)


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