Chicken Walk

I am going through my photo folders today looking for pictures. I found this one that I took on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland a few years a go.

A gorgeous little girls with cute braids in her hair. Just doing what you do when you go to the beach... You know, take your chickens for a walk.

They loved it! And she just put one under each arm when she had to cross the deep bits. So cute. And quite entertaining to watch.

Tell me - have you ever seen someone take any thing other than a dog for a walk?


  1. That is adorable! I, too, once wanted to take a chicken for a walk. She fell off a truck and found shelter in our garage. I made her a leash and called her Clucky. After a few days my dad told me he took her to a 'nice farmer,' but I should have caught on when we had delicious roast chicken a few days later.

  2. Rach, I remember this day so well, sadly my photos were not so good as yours, fun times,
    love & blessings, Lyn xooxxxx


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