Mum & her Siblings on Christmas morning. Mum's the girl in the back with the cute swooping fringe & Barbie. Isn't her little sister such a doll?! And I'm thinking Uncle Paul might not have been too happy with his gift...

My Nana and her brother - ah.... gorgeous! I think she is about 2 in this photo. Maybe three. And she has a perm. Really. They lived behind a hairdressers and perms were the cool (maybe new?!) thing so her mum got my nana's hair permed!! I can't remember if they got a special deal or something - maybe the hairdresser used her for practice.... It's pretty cute anyway.

And this is my Poppa - mum's dad. I have a few photos of him like this - gun in hand and other hand on hip. The variation is when it's a rabbit or a goose that he has shot instead of the gun he shot it with it. This one is definitely my favourite though. The man was hard core wild man.

(Please excuse my use of a not very nice word here - I am only using it in context of the story)

When my grandparents met Nana also met all of Poppa's brothers and friends. They told her about all the wild and crazy things this boy they called Ni**er (because of his very dark, sun tanned skin) would get up to. My Nana says "I kept hearing the stories and thinking - 'I hope I never meet this boy. He sounds like terrible trouble!'." Well she had met him. Then she married him. (That's a good story for another day!) And he got up to mischief his whole life.
I'm quite sad that he died when I was only 11. I think he would've been quite fun. Just like my Nana still is.

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  1. gorgeous photos Rach, precious memories, I am putting some new ones of the little girls on my blog now!


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